Tatam Rosato


Tatum's love of dancing started when she was 3, specialising in tap, jazz, acrobatics and ballet.  She loved the freedom it gave her to express herself.  She became a very accomplished dancer, competing in CSTD competitions, often placing well within the competition.

 As Tatum turned her talents to teaching, she saw how dance could help others of , and looked to develop programs to  bring dance to the wider community.  It was at this point she was approached to develop a program for children with disabilities, to open up the potential of their bodies and find new ways to express what they were feeling.

To be the best at this, Tatum became a social worker, learning as much as she could to bring the best to her clients.  It was at this point Tatum realised that dance should be available for everyone, and dance inclusion was born.

Tatum is constantly thinking about the next development of dance, and how it can help people.  Stay tuned as she brings her new program for aged care to life.